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Sailor Spork's Sailor Moon Obsession Page.

You have reached the Sailor Moon obsession page, where we attempt to diagnose, and perhaps even treat all those who have become pathologically obsessed with the extremely obsessive animé/cartoon show known as Sailor Moon.

  If you can name them all, you need my help.

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Do you think you have spent too much time watching, researching, reading about, thinking about, eating drinking and living in the Sailor Moon universe? Do you feel your being a 'fan' is taking over or even ruining your life? Well I probably can't help because I have no credentials and don't really claim to be able to, but it's fun to pretend!

If you are unsure and wish to see if you have become over-exposed to this crazy show, take my quiz and find out!

If you find out or have known all along that you are obsessed and are willing to admit that you need help, read my 12 steps to recovery self-help page. Also check out my Daily Affirmations
and realize that you are a wirthwhile individual without the Sailor Scout of the Moon constantly on your mind.
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